Short Fiction Stories & Poems In English

The first short fiction stories, were probably written decades ago, when weekly/monthly magazines were still popular with the reading public. But I tried to do the same and write a lot of Short stories in English, for those who do not want to read long novels and such like. I’ve also written a lot of short fiction stories in the same vein, to interest those who cannot read for long periods. So far I’ve only one novel to my credit: ‘To the Promised Land’, long fiction about the USA/1960’s onwards – when the social landscape really changed and we suddenly had hippies’, the counter culture, anti-war protests, long hair and ‘granny’ glasses. 

Meanwhile I gathered six books of poetry and three books of stories to follow my own interest and seeking to capture the public imagination. The best of these is ‘Londinium Poeta’ where I draw on my own time in West London, working and living in a modern city. I also wrote essays like: “English Education’, to explore how lit/lang can inform/enrich our lives. After teaching for so many years, I’m gathering lesson material for future publication. Expression is at the heart of all good writing and the effort to reach a wide readership is what drives my work. So what do you think are the short fiction stories of all time…?

short fiction stories


‘Yorkshire Fair: tales from a big-hearted county’ — twelve stories with Julian Frye, set in Yorkshire. Modern themes, mostly in rural settings; humour and reflections included. Starting as ebook: Weslond Books, July/2021, with soft-cover print edition.


Modern poetry

War Poets’ — essay on Owen/Sassoon, WW-1 poetry; 1st edition by Weslond Books, 1989; 2nd edition, WB, 96 pgs, 2015


online short stories

To the Promised Land

‘To the Promised Land: California from the 1960’s towards 1991’ — a novel first begun in 1976, in two parts — about 108,000 words.  Set in turbulent times; a big social upheaval, which spread world wide.  Published by Weslond Books (April/2020) in North Vancouver


Poetica Rex

‘Poetica Rex’ — an essay on modern poetics, my own poetry and its sources; 1st edition by WB in 2006 and 2nd edition with emp3books, 61 pgs, Aug/2013


Short stories to read

‘Londinium Poeta’ — poems about modern London life, published by WB in Vancouver, Feb/2000; 2nd edition in 2004, WB; 3rd edition by emp3books/UK, 87 pgs, 2009.  This book was ‘recommended’ by Kirkus Reviews


Stories online

Penshaw Poems

Penshaw Poems’ — gathered from recent years; published by Weslond Books, in North Vancouver/Canada; Feb-2017.  Verses set in Vancouver, London (UK) and Yorkshire Hills; 78 pgs.  Reviewed favourably by Kirkus Reviews


John Keats (1795-1821)

‘John Keats (1795-1821): poesy burning bright’ — first written for a competition in the UK.  Then published in North Vancouver, Oct/2000; with 100 handcrafted copies; each signed an’ numbered as collector’s item, off the kitchen table.  Re-written and improved for ebook publication (WB), Aug/2020


online short stories to read

Souter Steel

Souter Steel — diverse poems finished in Vancouver; published in London/UK by my own imprint, Weslond Books (WB), 1984.  Re-written, improved in April/2019 and republished as an ebook in Aug/2021 by WB


Whitlathe Walrus

‘Whitlathe Walrus’ — my first small book (poetry) published by New Rivers Press in New York, 1976; 2nd edition in 2002 by WB; 3rd edition by emp3books, 53 pgs, Jan/2010


Short Stories Online

Vedder Crossing Ahead

‘Vedder Crossing Ahead’ — short fiction stories set on the westcoast of Canada/US; published by emp3books, 148 pgs, Aug/2012



The LacBird Poems

‘The LacBird Poems’ — concerns the Vietnam conflict during the 1960’s and my own revived memories. 1st edition by WB in 1995 and 2nd edition with emp3books, 62 pgs, Nov/2010



Mayfair Games

Twelve short stories, from Mayfair in central London/UK.  Set in the 1990’s before the Internet or Smart phones… featuring all aspects of gaming


Stuart Alder Newton

Tales out of School

‘Tales out of School’ – collection of twenty stories about a school teacher in London, 1980-2000; published by Authorhouse/UK, 380 pgs in 2009.  This book also reviewed by Kirkus; but not so favourable (unfairly, I think)



Dotterel Dene

‘Dotterel Dene’ — poems from early years, published by WB in London/UK, 1998.  Many poems from 1st edition moved to Londinium Poeta; the remaining pages revised and improved, to make 52 pages, from emp3books/UK in 2016


Short Fiction Stories In English

Short fiction stories stand as a captivating literary form, skillfully encapsulating complete narratives within a confined word count. Unlike their novel counterparts, short fiction stories prioritize singular themes, events, or character evolution, granting writers ample room to experiment with various writing styles and techniques.

In this realm of concise storytelling, the weight of each word is palpable. The compact format necessitates precision, compelling authors to weave narratives that resonate profoundly within a limited canvas. Through this deliberate brevity, the potential for emotional resonance and imaginative journeys remains undiminished.

The allure of short fiction stories lies in their ability to transport readers to multifaceted realms in remarkably few words. Writers harness this brevity to craft magnetic characters, evoke powerful emotions, and unfold intricate narratives that leave a lasting impact. Indeed, short fiction stories are a testament to the art of storytelling in its most concentrated form, enticing writers to distill the essence of their narratives while preserving their profound resonance.

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