John Keats


‘John Keats (1795-1821): poesy burning bright’ — first written for a competition in the UK.  Then published in North Vancouver, Oct/2000; with 100 handcrafted copies; each signed an’ numbered as collector’s item, off the kitchen table.  Re-written and improved for ebook publication (WB), Aug/2020



This is a short essay on a well known Romantic poet, John Keats. He did not live long (26 years); but had a full life as prominent brother, apothecary student and writer/reader of poetry. He had loyal friends like, Charles Cowden Clarke, Leigh Hunt and a lady friend he courted ardently, Fanny Brawne…

All literature students at college will spend time with him and marvel at his intense emotions (see the letters inside) and his dedication to family…

Of course he was a romantic, in that he might write out in the garden, through the night – also write alongside hardships and illness…

One aspect of this romantic tragedy, is that Keats died before he received recognition, acclaim and lasting interest from a wide readership…

ISBN: 978-0-9949729-4-1

John Keats


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