Mayfair Games


twelve short stories, from Mayfair in central London/UK.  Set in the 1990’s before the Internet or Smart phones… featuring all aspects of gaming.
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Gambling in Mayfair is exclusive and demanding, where a youngish man goes out every day to face the roulette wheel and meet-up with friends…
Mayfair is in central London, close to Green Park and St. James Park, close to two royal palaces and the Ritz hotel… So that it’s like being on center stage, on full view.  But there’s an excellent food service and a congenial staff, to make for a lot of comfort and support.
There’re twelve stories, set in the the 1990’s, before the Internet or Smart phones… to include a bit of romance and humour, some reflection and anxiety — because gaming is not for the feint-hearted or the thoughtless.  It is an ancient pastime to follow us through the ages…
Mayfair Games


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