Yorkshire Fair


‘Yorkshire Fair: tales from a big-hearted county’ — twelve stories with Julian Frye, set in Yorkshire. Modern themes, mostly in rural settings; humour and reflections included. Starting as ebook: Weslond Books, July/2021, with soft-cover print edition.



This is a collection of short stories set in Yorkshire, a central county of England, once known as ‘Danelaw’…

There are ole style fishing towns on the long coast and famed hills to the west (Yorkshire Dales); with industrial centers round Sheffield and Leeds. The big open Moors are behind Whitby
and the Vale of York holds longtime farming enterprises…

Julian Frye is of the ole school and has strong connections to this county. He revisits all the sites of interest for himself and readers, with his own special misadventures…

These stories are modern narratives, from an old county with strong identity, notable residents (Cpt. James Cook, James Herriot and the Bronte family); upbeat and active, with a firm purpose in the nation…

It’s the home of cricket and steam railways, church centers like York and Whitby. It offers great hiking countryside (the Pennine Way) for all comers and lends itself to nostalgia, fresh air and recreation…

Yorkshire Fair


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