Whitlathe Walrus


‘Whitlathe Walrus’ — my first small book (poetry) published by New Rivers Press in New York, 1976; 2nd edition in 2002 by WB; 3rd edition by emp3books, 53 pgs, Jan/2010



These are basic romance verses, for any age, when youth and passion are awakened again… this time amid the ‘counter culture’ of California in the 1960’s.

‘Free Verse’ was still holding sway over the academics and new writers; but the larger reading public still held out for rhyme and meter… leading to some conflict.

Romance implies something tender and strong too; feelings which are personal, yet often happy to be discovered and shared… full images of beauty and truth, alive and resonating.

Poetry has long been a vehicle for romance and love, passion and ardour… presented/attempted once more in these short lyrics.

Whitlathe Walrus


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