Author : Stuart Newton

Christmas Fair

“Please can you turn the music down a bit – thankyou”. Because it was the worst kind of Christmas schmaltz, he ever heard. “Yes, I’ll have the turkey special, of course”, as the waitress hovers above him. This seemed to please her, on a festive evening, in her roadside diner. It was festooned with decorative […]

The Three Ravens

Two ole duffers landed at a forgotten church-yard; to set-up tea things upon a big level tombstone — out touring for Sunday afternoon when late flowers still bloomed, grass grew everywhere and leaves above seen as green and full… “Bring out the stove, the pan and two cups; it’s all there in the back-seats, from […]

US army draft — Nov/Dec 1969

It started out as a fine day on the coast of a small town in California: summoned to appear by late morning, to explain myself, before a local Appeal Board for the army draft. I went cleaned-up and shaved; but dressed informally trying to appear authentic but not proud, honest yet not afraid – “I’m […]


Rudi was under the full canopy of a big park tree for asummer’s afternoon, joined by another Yankee in KensingtonGardens. It was West London on a weekday, with a select crowd settingacross the lawns; not part of the workforce, not today. Both men were keen to talk about the Vietnam conflict: theirmilitary units, the battle […]

CABIN BOY – Short Fiction Stories by Stuart Newton

CABIN BOY – One of the best Short Fiction Stories by Stuart Newton I believe we all know how ‘seafarers’ are different from ordinary folk. Their strong love of sea-an-ships can be very engaging; maybe alarming for some landlubbers. Yet they once made-up a large prominent group in Britain, from long ago — fierce, proud […]

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