Interesting Short Stories

The interesting short stories, were probably written decades ago, when weekly/monthly magazines were still popular with the reading public. But I tried to do the same and write a lot of online reading stories, for those who do not want to read long novels and such like. I’ve also written a lot of short fiction stories in the same vein, to interest those who cannot read for long periods. So far I’ve only one novel to my credit: ‘To the Promised Land’, long fiction about the USA/1960’s onwards – when the social landscape really changed and we suddenly had hippies’, the counter culture, anti-war protests, long hair and ‘granny’ glasses. Meanwhile I gathered six books of poetry and three books of stories to follow my own interest and seeking to capture the public imagination. The best of these is ‘Londinium Poeta’ where I draw on my own time in West London, working and living in a modern city. I also wrote essays like: “English Education’, to explore how lit/lang can inform/enrich our lives. After teaching for so many years, I’m gathering lesson material for future publication. Expression is at the heart of all good writing and the effort to reach a wide readership is what drives my work. So what do you think are the short fiction stories of all time…?

Stuart Alder Newton


‘Yorkshire Fair: tales from a big-hearted county’ — twelve stories with Julian Frye, set in Yorkshire. Modern themes, mostly in rural settings; humour and reflections included. Starting as ebook: Weslond Books, July/2021, with soft-cover print edition.


Modern poetry

War Poets’ — essay on Owen/Sassoon, WW-1 poetry; 1st edition by Weslond Books, 1989; 2nd edition, WB, 96 pgs, 2015


To the Promised Land

‘To the Promised Land: California from the 1960’s towards 1991’ — a novel first begun in 1976, in two parts — about 108,000 words.  Set in turbulent times; a big social upheaval, which spread world wide.  Published by Weslond Books (April/2020) in North Vancouver


Poetica Rex

‘Poetica Rex’ — an essay on modern poetics, my own poetry and its sources; 1st edition by WB in 2006 and 2nd edition with emp3books, 61 pgs, Aug/2013


Short stories writer

‘Londinium Poeta’ — poems about modern London life, published by WB in Vancouver, Feb/2000; 2nd edition in 2004, WB; 3rd edition by emp3books/UK, 87 pgs, 2009.  This book was ‘recommended’ by Kirkus Reviews


Stories online

Penshaw Poems

Penshaw Poems’ — gathered from recent years; published by Weslond Books, in North Vancouver/Canada; Feb-2017.  Verses set in Vancouver, London (UK) and Yorkshire Hills; 78 pgs.  Reviewed favourably by Kirkus Reviews



John Keats (1795-1821)

‘John Keats (1795-1821): poesy burning bright’ — first written for a competition in the UK.  Then published in North Vancouver, Oct/2000; with 100 handcrafted copies; each signed an’ numbered as collector’s item, off the kitchen table.  Re-written and improved for ebook publication (WB), Aug/2020


Prose writing

Souter Steel

Souter Steel — diverse poems finished in Vancouver; published in London/UK by my own imprint, Weslond Books (WB), 1984.  Re-written, improved in April/2019 and republished as an ebook in Aug/2021 by WB


Whitlathe Walrus

‘Whitlathe Walrus’ — my first small book (poetry) published by New Rivers Press in New York, 1976; 2nd edition in 2002 by WB; 3rd edition by emp3books, 53 pgs, Jan/2010


Short Stories Online

Vedder Crossing Ahead

‘Vedder Crossing Ahead’ — short stories set on the westcoast of Canada/US; published by emp3books, 148 pgs, Aug/2012



The LacBird Poems

‘The LacBird Poems’ — concerns the Vietnam conflict during the 1960’s and my own revived memories. 1st edition by WB in 1995 and 2nd edition with emp3books, 62 pgs, Nov/2010



Mayfair Games

Twelve short stories, from Mayfair in central London/UK.  Set in the 1990’s before the Internet or Smart phones… featuring all aspects of gaming


Stuart Alder Newton

Tales out of School

‘Tales out of School’ – collection of twenty stories about a school teacher in London, 1980-2000; published by Authorhouse/UK, 380 pgs in 2009.  This book also reviewed by Kirkus; but not so favourable (unfairly, I think)


Stuart Alder Newton

Dotterel Dene

‘Dotterel Dene’ — poems from early years, published by WB in London/UK, 1998.  Many poems from 1st edition moved to Londinium Poeta; the remaining pages revised and improved, to make 52 pages, from emp3books/UK in 2016


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